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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  September 24, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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to come. as we head into tomorrow will see another five degrees of warming over what we have out there today such of which is widespread in the '80s this afternoon but we also have a couple places reaching into the '90s. 92 santa rosa, 90 fairfield, 89 in now but and close to the coastline tablatures are warmer but more mild 75 in san francisco, 72 in half moon bay in 88 in redwood city. the upper 80s for south bay locations and upper 80s for inland spots. temperatures on the average of 729 degrees over what we saw yesterday in close to the coastline half moon bay is the seventh, a san francisco in is up eight in redwood city, concord, antioch, fremont. here's what we can expect tonight clear skies bay area why did swine state that why and it's going to be pretty warm this evening with temperatures
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mainly in the '70s will even have a couple places hanging in the low 80's at 8:00 this evening. 7 a.m. we have a mild start we have the warmer dryer air but temperatures will cool off. it into the 3:00 hour will see more warming today temperatures up another five degrees will be near the triple digits tomorrow and we do have triple digits and are extended forecast. if all the details on that coming up in just a bit. >> a federal judge has cleared the way for california's first execution since 2006. this after this date revised its lethal injection procedure. officials have scheduled the execution of albert greenwood brown for next wednesday here at san quentin recently refurbished its chamber appeared you see a u.s. district judge sing their the browns execution could move ahead. brown was convicted of
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the 1980 rape and murder of a 15 year-old riverside county girl. on the phone with us now is our legal analyst michael cardozo he joins us to talk more about this upcoming execution. michael kenney arrest. questiowhy did to choices for the leaflet jackson drug. >> of the big issue was the eighth read drug cocktail that our state uses to execute people to read the first drug that suggested by the one to be executed wonders them unconscious, the second one paralyzes them and the third one stops the heart. there was question about whether that second drug affected the paralysis to the point where the one that was going to be executed would feel the
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execution weather would be too much pain. >> what's confusing is that the state now has the option is being made decides to choose the one drug option the state has the option to step in and disagree with the judge and offered a stay of execution. why would the judge offer something that the state might disagree with? >> the judges in the three drug cocktail that we use is not the right way to execute people. that's open to and the investigation rape gal and you could not use that three drug cocktail that's what started all of this. now it's to a point where they remedied it that to a point and the judge is saying if you mr. brown shoes that it's fine with me you can make that choice is safer choice and a lot of people's opinion is the one drug cocktail. if he chooses the one drug and the state has to make a decision. whether to
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actually administer that one drug cartel brownell were not going to administer one drug to were going to use our three drug cocktail. >> is it likely is it unlikely the state would jump and one knee issue is always a campaign issue. >> it is always a campaign issue will be stepped in. it's going to be interesting to find out. it be interesting to find out if he chooses the one drug cocktail will they then still executed my guess would be yes they would because if he makes such rights to stay and in mr. the one drug and completely execution. as the judge has said throughout this litigation this is not about whether you believe or disbelieve the death penalty, it's simply about how to actually execute a person in a humane way. michael cardozo our legal analyst thank-you for helping us to understand this latest ruling. >> the judge suspended criminal
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proceedings against the man accused of kidnapping and raping j.c. declared . he based his decision on talks with griot and his attorney and observing the defendant in court over the past few months. filigreed 0 has been charged with 29 counts of kidnapping, rape and false imprisonment in the 1991 disappearance of j.c. do guard. corita what is wife are accused of holding the girl captive for nearly two decades until they were arrested. another hearing for philip has been set for october the eighth or the judge will consider putting an independent expert to evaluate the suspect. sarah shore to one of the three americans arrested last year while hiking near the are wrong, iraq border has met with iranian president. short and her mother went met with the president while he was in york to attend the united nations assembly a 32 year-old hiker was freed 10 days ago after spending 13 months in
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prison and ron. she has since been advocating for the release of her fiancee sean and their friend josh who remains in jail and ron. no details have been released about their conversation. and now new details on the clipper card glitch shift kron 4 first told to about the flaw that allows computers to flip through the gates without pay when you need. the gates are designed to open automatically with a motion sensor with the one person accepts. that's not the only prom with this new system. i stanley roberts found out in this edition of people behaving badly. >> how does this thing work? >> i told you about the glitches with muni's 30 million dollar clipper system. things like a simple wave of the hand anyone can access muni trains without the use of a clipper card, or
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fast pass. there is also the door opening glitch, where the gates get confused and stay opened allowing anyone access for free. now i have received new information regarding city wide problems related to the new clipper system. over at embarcadero station, one person using a fast pass can allow unlimited people to pass through the gates. over at pal station there has been complaints that the brand new gates got out of service often. it is a problem at castro as well because i found caution tape at the ready when the gates go down, and this gate #71-02 at castro station has gone down three different times on the same day. at the church street the gates opening and closing too slowly frustrate many riders. clipper has supplied this 866 number to station agents for any and all problems with the new fare gates. except the phone only works between 4:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. monday through friday, and 6:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m. on weekends, because we all know the clipper
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system never breaks down after- hours. and no one will answer the help desk if they are at lunch. something else i noticed. there are absolutely no exit signs so when riders try to leave the station, they get confused. i know as muni said with every system there will be some glitches. but $30 million, really. >> this thing is retarded. >> in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> some areas are too unsafe to begin construction this city is getting help to clean up one area so it could house 92 families as kron 4 greg tells us. >> this lot ec will be long to low-income housing but not before chemicals and metals are removed and that requires federal dollars. toxic materials said it will cost a half million dollars to clean up. its funding
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federal grant money to make it happen. as this one and three quarter acre will be clean up over a few months and houses will be completed sometime next year. the city short of low- income housing in replacing these brown fields of housing projects but one that's been slurred by the economic downturn. the threat of four month process begins next week. in san jose kron 4 news. >> a live look outside of friday traffic in san jose highway 1 01 the headlights' are southbound in the traffic moving well north and southbound at this hour. a little sluggish on the guadalupe overpass. we'll be right back. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
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the drug enforcement agency wants to retire your expired and non used prescription drugs. our web producer kimberly tells us why the agency is holding a drug drive tomorrow. >> several reasons including the fact that many people still flush their drugs down the toilet which contains our water
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supply and also knowing guilty of this the past you destroy them away in the trash and the dea said it's really bad people could go through the trash and use those drugs. that's why tomorrow there will be collection sites over 3400 places in america there will be it from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. there's several drop-off sites to make it easy on the website is burning is a quarter city and you can search for sites near your neighborhood. check this out ourselves and drop off your prescription drugs as a and visit our whats on the web section. >> are extended forecast he weighed continuing into the weekend will talk more about the hot forecast coming up in just a bit.
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the new poll shows california democrat barbara boxer has widened the gap over challenger in the race for the u.s. senate. according to a field goal barbara boxer leads carli fury
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now 47 percent of voters say they support barbara boxer compared to 41 percent of those surveyed who support harley. 12 percent of the voters are still undecided that poult voted cheered voting starts today and to choose who will star in a web commercial supporting jerry brown. the web producer kimberly tells us about this contest. >> with the election just around the corner scouring different blocks of new sites to find the latest political news and i stumbled upon this one. the contest to find its sponsored by the service employees international union over the past couple of weeks people been going on this side of loading the pictures and statements about what kind of california they'd like to have for the next generation. people from all sorts of what supply for illegal entries. the winners will be a
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lath next week and then it will be released the week of october 13th. to vote for your favorite this our whats on the web sectional >> the committee hearing turned to comedy central today if when steven cole barrett testified about immigrant rights not everybody is laughing the man who invented the truth in this dating character as he told the committee. this is america got i don't want it to me no picked by mexican i want to pick by an american but then slice by guatemalans and served by a venezuelan in a spa where to lay in gives me a brazilian. >> compared described as one day working in the field at the invitation of the farm workers. >> this experience gave me a small understanding of why so few americans are clamoring to beginning exciting career as seasonal migrant field worker after working with these men and women picking bands, packing
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corn for hours on end side-by- side in the unforgiving sun i have to say and i do this mean sincerely, please don't make me do this again it is really, really hard. >> the end of his testimony he turned at least partially serious they be you could offer more visas to the immigrants let's face it will probably be doing these jobs anyway. >> the audience some members of the media pleaded their complaints are writer for mother jones magazine accused him of making a mockery of the hearing. the washington post agreed to an abc reporter was not amused sang " really not sure this is funny. " there was invited to testify. >> warmer out there today but even warmer weather on tap for this weekend here's a look of your weekend hot and dry tomorrow temperatures near hundred degrees in our inland valleys if the 90 degrees on the bay shore. will get similar
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weather in the forecast for sunday and warm up a little bit more on monday. right now lots of '80s across the bay area this afternoon even along the coastline temperatures bump up into the '70s. 72 have been bay, 75 san francisco, 92 santa rosa 90 fairfield. over night tonight into tomorrow morning pretty mild conditions. future cast 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning agreed on your screen it indicates temperatures the low 60s. what a pretty mild start to the day and things will warm up fairly quickly. by noon temperatures already widespread in the '80s that's all the oranges see on your screen. the along the coastline temperatures in the '70s. here's a look at our temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood 93 santa rosa, 90 san recall, 82 san francisco, 98
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concord, 60 antioch, 99 in livermore 90 in redwood city, 90 in fremont and 91 in san jose. might not be a bad day the head out to the beach. the stick a look at our forecast up and down the coastline santa cruz 79 degrees will notice a lot sunshine at the coast. will see low to upper '70's along the coastline all the way from santa cruz up to the bay. our extended forecast for warmer conditions into tomorrow the state of the same on sunday and then keating on monday would triple digits inland 90s in the bay and upper '70's close to the coastal get a little relief as we head into next week and by the end of next week temperatures much worse news seasonable. >> the commune on the golden gate bridge as relatively heavy at this time. its sluggish there as well as the left side of your screen traffic heading in the
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san francisco a bit sluggish as well. we'll be right back there's much more news ahead. [ male announcer ] barbara boxer.
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she fought to get our veterans the first full combat care center in california. her after school law is keeping a million kids off the street and out of gangs. and she's fighting every day to create new jobs. i'm working to make california the leader in clean energy. to jump-start our small businesses with tax credits and loans to create thousands more california jobs. i'm barbara boxer, and i approve this message... because i want to see the words made in america again.
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ican cause coma andider's and i appeven death.essage... the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator
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as warriors head coach three- time nba coach of the year don nelson is moving on. his retirement will be beneficial on monday. for in glen looks back at 34 years of the league's all- time winning coach. >> after 751 seasons in 10 years as the fiery coach of the milwaukee bucks nelson came to the warriors in 1987. >> will you do to make the warriors a winner? >> you're going to see a new team and an exciting team. >> and exciting they were for 1988 in 45 games in 1995 nelson as coach and gm that the warriors to the playoffs four times. after prolonged dispute with chris webber and nelson left the team six seasons with the record of 2077260. the last
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of less than a season for the new york knicks and 1996. dallas enjoyed four consecutive 51 seasons. after 12 straight losing seasons with the warriors nelson returned to the team in 2006 a loaded with talent. the team made the playoffs in 2007 and they pulled off for the biggest upsets the nbc a playoff history by eliminating autopsy dallas that was one highlight of nelson's second stop. the other game april 7th the nba's all-time winningest coach and at age 70 he these the bench with the record of 1333 wins and 1060 losses. it vern glenn kron 4 news. >> a live look at traffic at the golden gate bridge. the bay bridge toll plaza envoy look to the back up there. the fast track planes are moving at a meeting like the look of the back of the take gates. we'll be
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right back with a lot more news
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a federal investigation to be to blame for a blast 10 years ago in arizona that killed 12 people.


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